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So, it has been a long while since I posted anything to my blog. I am finally starting to get back into the studio and I have been fiddling around with a few old sketches just to get back into the swing of drawing. Here is something that I sketched back in 2012 and finally sat down to finish. I am not thrilled with where I landed with it, but it was  a good first exercise. It is around 6 x 9 inches in size and it is done in water-based markers, colored pencils and ink. I am calling it “Stretch.”


Here is a pencil portrait I finished up tonight. It is 2.5 x 3.5 inches.
















This is something I did today. It was done in watercolor and ink on watercolor paper and is 8×10 inches in size.

I did this self portrait today. I have not been drawing much lately so I am feeling a bit rusty and raw.


I am really thrilled that I was able to snag a couple of pieces by Theo Ellsworth from his gallery showing at the  Giant Robot gallery in LA. How great it was that they made purchases available at their website since I live far away in Kansas and could not attend the show in person. I have been a fan of Theo’s for a while now, so this was a great opportunity to score some of his original work. I won’t get the pieces until the show is finished and it is hard waiting to see them in person, but the show ends next week and hopefully they will wing their way to me shortly thereafter. Here are photos of them though, to keep me company while I wait. Aren’t they cool?!



I had a request at iATCs for a trade and the person requested a naturalistic version of Usagi Yojimbo. This is my result.

Sometimes I just play with a random sketch. This is 8.5 x 5.5 inches in size and done in watercolors and ink on watercolor paper. I am calling it “Rommel.” The title is as random as the piece itself.

It is very hot here in Kansas.  Even my dog doesn’t want to go for walks.

This is an ATC I did for a trade at iATCs.



I did this portrait today of Asha. It is 8×10 inches and done in watercolor and ink on clayboard. Asha has been having a lot of health problems lately, so doing this piece allowed me to channel my worries about her into something productive.

I spent most of the day today on this. I am calling it “Surveillance.”




I finished up the odd-ball fish for the swap I am in.We have…

a bound fish and a bone-in fish.

Asha sometimes enjoys performing her guard duties on a covert basis. I guess all that guerilla warfare training I paid for was worth it…


I decided to join a swap at iATCs again. Just for the heck of it. It has been a while. The swap theme is to take a template that is in the shape of a fish and do something arty to it. Naturally, I had to go the direction of making non-fish fish. I have a couple more to make, but this is what I've done so far. I have to say that I've had some fun.

Mad Dog Fish
Mad Dog Fish
Scuba Fish
Scuba Fish
Earth Helmet Fish
Earth Helmet Fish
Sightseeing Fish
Sightseeing Fish
Bark Fish…maybe
Bark Fish...maybe

It has been a while since I posted anything and it has been a while since I did any artwork. This is just something I had sketched out a long time ago and finally got around to finishing up. I'm not all that excited by it, but it felt good just to play around with my pencils and pens and markers. This piece is roughly 5 by 6 inches in size.

A friend sent me this picture that he took of Asha last week. They like to hang together sometimes when I am at work.

From(Matt Scherer (, 2 May 2011 20.04.02 -0500)_IMG_20110427_162420



It has been a while since I posted any photos of one of my walks with Asha. She turned 11 last month. I am so glad she is still with me. She will be having surgery in a few weeks time to remove a large lump on her thigh. There will be no walks for a week afterwards, about which I am pretty sure she will be unhappy. We’ll try to get plenty in before then.










This is something I drew…



This is an ATC I drew for a personal trade.


Satellite (aka Showgirl)
Satellite (aka Showgirl)


I took today off to run some errands. I relaxed during the afternoon and played a little in the studio. This is what happened. Sometimes it is fun to play with collage.